Well Tanks


How does it work?

   The basic principle is quite simple: there is pressurized air on the top of the tank and a reservoir of water on the bottom.  As the water pump fills the reservoir with water, it compresses the air on the top. When the pressure gets to around 50psi, a switch turns the pump off. Then, as the water is used, the compressed air pushes the water out of the tank. When the pressure drops to around 30psi, the pump switches back on and the cycle repeats itself.

WellMate Tanks

   WellMate® composite tanks are the tank of choice in residential and commercial applications for their unmatched durability. Their fiberglass construction makes the tanks impervious to rust. In addition, their  epoxy-resin sealed outer shell will not dent and the scratch-resistant paint eliminates touch-ups, making WellMate tanks virtually maintenance-free. Less than half the weight of steel tanks,  their lead-free construction makes them corrosion resistant and will not introduce undesirable chemicals or elements into the water.

WM Series

   Our WM-Series offers features and benefits steel tanks just can’t match. From their corrosion-proof composite construction... to their lighter weight, easier maintenance and less expensive installation… WM-Series pressure tanks are the preferred choice of professionals.

Features and Benefits

  • Professional installation and service
  • Greater drawdown than comparably sized steel tanks yields greater efficiency.
  • Won’t rust in corrosive environments, particularly important in coastal regions.
  • Wider pressure setting differential provides greater flexibility.

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